Website Design

What is website design?

A website contains various elements like text, photos, images, graphics, videos and linked texts. All such elements must be placed properly on the website. Visitors to the website should face no difficulty in exploring it and finding what they are searching. The website design is the process of planning, building and placing webpage elements at the right places. It involves using the right layout, text styles, structure and colours. Nowadays, web design is not limited to simple placements of web elements. The web designer has to take into account factors like latest web standards, search engine optimisation, social media sharing, mobile devices and others. The web design is mainly related to the visual aspect of the website but other factors like usability, layout and navigation are also a big part of it.

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Who Would Need Website Design?

Anyone planning a new website requires web design service. This service is also needed by website owners who want to change or improve their existing website's look. Owners of blogs, informational websites, ecommerce websites, internal websites, and other types of websites require this service. Simple designing of website is not difficult and requires only a few lines of HTML coding. Some people use website templates that do not require any further designing. These options are not suitable for businesses and large organisations. They need professional web design service. Government departments, private companies and organisations use services of professional web design agencies. Individuals need professional web designing service for their website when they want to make money out of it.

What Is the Importance of a Good Website Design?

Internet has made it easier for consumers to reach millions of sellers selling all types of things online. In this competitive environment, a website that is difficult to navigate or does not convey the right impression fails to retain the visitors. It takes only one click to close a website. Internet users are finicky and do not like the websites that are difficult to navigate. They immediately switch to competitor's website. Websites that have been designed properly receives more traffic while poorly designed websites lose traffic. A good design immediately conveys the right impression to the online visitors. Additionally, it is easier to navigate such a website. The required information is found quickly.

How Is Web Design Done?

A website can be designed using simple programming language like HTML but now web designers use more advanced programming languages to design websites. There are many application programs that speed up this process. Users of these programs only define what type of elements they want and where they want to place each element on the webpage. The codes for all these things are completed automatically in the background.

Who Does Website Design?

A simple website can be designed even by people who have basic knowledge of HTML. However, high quality websites are designed by professional designers. There are web design agencies that offer this service. Many such agencies offer both web design and development services. Some clients deal directly with professional web designers. It all depends on their specific needs and budget.